Project 1802
“Storefront Library”

Cultural, Educational; New York, New York, USA; 2018.

An installation for the exhibition Architecture Books - Yet to Be Written at Storefront for Art and Architecture, Storefront Library is the anchor program for the New York Architecture Book Fair. By extending the gallery’s iconic rotating facade panels into bookshelves that pierce the public space of the sidewalk, the project sets the stage for an exhibition shaped by public participation and dialogue. 

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Project 1206
“Clinton Hill Townhouse”

Housing; Brooklyn, NY, USA; 2017.

In the renovation of a landmarked townhouse in the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn, the house’s extensive historic detail is offset with modern insertions, some which take the house’s deep, curvilinear forms as the basis for the new elements. With minimal, crisp geometries denoting areas of change, the house retains a record of its historic condition.

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Project 1505

Cultural, Educational; Brooklyn, NY, USA; 2015.

An exhibit of architectural work within a trade show, seven architecture firms display their trade in its most elemental form: the drawing. A series of angular plywood forms display the work in the manner of a drafting table, or a plywood drawing table at a job site.

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Project 1212

Cultural, Educational; New York, NY, USA; 2012.

Projecting fins make gallery walls deep, fuzzy, creating niches of information. Shifting color draws movement to animate an exhibit on active design. 

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Project 1213
“Irish Hills House”

Housing; Onsted, MI, USA; 2012.

Sited in a rural area of Michigan, this house responds to the request for a home inspired by barns native to the region that is also contemporary in detailing and execution. 

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Project 1701
“Reflected Ceiling”

Cultural; San Francisco, CA, USA; 2017.

ABA’s suspended, site-specific installation for San Francisco Ballet’s 2017 Sensorium is a physicalized reflection of the vaulted ceiling of the War Memorial Opera House.

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