Project 1505

Cultural, Educational; Brooklyn, NY, USA; 2015.

An exhibit of architectural work within a trade show, seven architecture firms display their trade in its most elemental form: the drawing. A series of angular plywood forms display the work in the manner of a drafting table, or a plywood drawing table at a job site.

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Project 1213
“Irish Hills House”

Housing; Onsted, MI, USA; 2012.

Sited in a rural area of Michigan, this house responds to the request for a home inspired by barns native to the region that is also contemporary in detailing and execution. 

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Project 1018
“Grow A Lot”

Civic, Educational; Brooklyn, NY, USA; 2010.

Activating vacant land, bringing together communities, providing job training, and producing healthy food are at the heart of this modular, urban greenhouse design, which pairs semi-custom elements with a kit-of-parts greenhouse structure.

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Project 1212

Cultural, Educational; New York, NY, USA; 2012.

Projecting fins make gallery walls deep, fuzzy, creating niches of information. Shifting color draws movement to animate an exhibit on active design. 

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